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Denise Dale

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About Denise DalePhoto of Denise Dale

Hello, my name is Denise Dale and I have worked in the Image Industry since 1993 when I trained with Colour Me Beautiful.

My journey …

Since being a teenager I have had an interest in fashion and wanted to look the best I could be, however,, like all of us, realised that there were bits of my body I wasn’t entirely happy with but didn’t know how to enhance the good bits and minimise the not so good bits. This all changed when I was in my late 20’s and had a colour analysis bought for me – one of the best gifts I have had from a friend.

Through this I learnt that wearing the colours that suited my natural colouring made me feel more confident, look healthier and feel younger – without surgery – how great is that!

Also finding my personal style was very liberating for me and I really enjoy helping women gain understanding and confidence in this area of accepting the body we have been given.

Whilst working with many clients over the years I realised that many people were stuck in the area of their image because of other reasons, maybe they were bullied at school and called ugly for example. I then decided I wanted to help people become unstuck and give them the tools to move on in their lives.  So in 2005, I trained as a Personal Development Coach which has enabled me to help people gain confidence on the inside and outside!

Over the years I have helped many men and women discover their own personal style and helped them save time and money!

Some people are born with natural style - for others it can be learnt!

What about YOU?

If you have answered YES to any of these question and you would like some unbiased advice and help with your personal style please contact me for an initial 30 minute complimentary chat.