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What People are Saying

Denise ran a Personal Branding workshop for the Health and Fitness staff at YMCA Wimbledon.  It was really interesting to know the science behind colours and how the colours we wear can effect our interaction with our service users.

Angus, Gym Manager, YMCA Wimbledon

I thoroughly enjoyed image consultant Denise Dale's presentation. Learning how to use colours to the best advantage, which colours are soft and which are cool and styles to wear for various occasions. Tips on the best use of colour and style for various heights and sizes was also useful.  Thank you Denise.

Ann, Gym Manager, YMCA Wimbledon

My personal shopping trip with Denise was both enjoyable and productive. I wanted to get an outfit for my 40th birthday party and Denise was great at gently steering me towards items that were in my price range, suited my hair colour and complexion and flattered my body shape. She was also sensitive to the occasion, my personality and personal preferences. Having found a dress in a shop that I never would normally have ventured into, we found shoes, underwear and accessories to complete and perfect the overall look. I am extremely happy with the end result and have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone. It takes the stress out of shopping, particularly for a special event when how you look is really important, and it is great to have an expert on hand who not only listens and offers helpful suggestions but who you can trust for a totally honest and trustworthy opinion.

Andrea, New Malden

I attended Denise’s course on style last Saturday morning and had a really great time. She taught us about different clothes styles and each of us worked out our own individual one. I’ve been on other courses too and it’s so good to understand about which clothes suit me best and how to manage my wardrobe and buy wisely. I appreciate all I’ve learnt and for Denise’s enthusiastic and friendly input to help me make the most of myself! I recommend you to try her courses if you can as I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Jenny, Croydon

I recently attended one of Denise’s events and was given excellent advice on some outfits I was unsure about. Some friends who came with me have since returned for further consultations. Denise really knows her subject and is passionate about it, in my case her advice re colour, style and make up has been invaluable. She takes a personal interest in giving all her clients the best possible service.

Barbara, Cobham

I was keen to develop a more sophisticated look so I went to see Denise. She immediately made me feel at ease. The session was informative and fun and has given me confidence in shopping for the colours that suit me. I have broadened the range of clothes that I am willing to try and have improved my dress sense

Catherine, Surbiton

Having had my “colours done” for my birthday present this year, I can thoroughly recommend Denise Dale.

Previously, I really struggled with what colours would suit me and what colours would go together. You get an hour focused on you, looking at colours that really suit you, and come away with a selection of swatches to help you pick up the right shades when you’re shopping.

Denise stays in touch, and if you have any questions, she is happy to give extra advice.

I’m slowly transforming my wardrobe from mainly monochrome black and white, to lovely bright spring colours.

I’d recommend anyone to give this a try.

Caroline, SW London

I met Denise almost 2 years ago, during the time when I needed her the most. Since then this beautiful lady has been in my dearest thoughts and I will never forget about her.

It was when I started seeking the true happiness, that can be found only within ourselves. I started reading the self-help and spiritual books but even though these had awaken me greatly I was still missing that ‘magical push’ which would have helped me to get started to live my life FULLY – with joy, beauty, forgiveness and the pure love within my heart towards self and others.

I remember the day when we set up our meeting clearly. Denise is a beautiful, kind lady who made me feel at ease and completely understood. The most amazing thing about the session was how simple, clear and straightforward it went yet how POWERFUL left one feeling, changing my life completely since. During the session, I had released the painful memories, feelings and emotions which I had been holding towards others and, of course SELF for years.

How powerful the session was is the fact that since that day, I feel 100% worthy, loved person … and I know that no one and nothing can ever change this fact. It truly empowered me and changed my life completely in the most positive way one could imagine.

I therefore warmly recommend the session with Denise very much to those who seek happiness within.

Eva, SW London